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Chairman’s message

To the distinguished investors and business partners and valued employees of BAGHLAN GROUP

Today, BAGHLAN GROUP is one of the leading holdings operating in oil and gas, construction and transportation sectors. Against background of dynamically changing world and growing economy of Azerbaijan, BAGHLAN GROUP strives for sustainability in its businesses and transparency in its operations. Since foundation of the Group in 1998, our clients and partners have been at the heart of our business objectives that enables us to share the prosperity with a broad range of stakeholders across our core business areas. In order to expand the growth and generate additional value for our stakeholders we invest in human capital and adapt modern technologies in all areas of operation.

One of our fundamental objectives is to improve country’s transport infrastructure, including optimization of the local public transport system, contribute to the sustainable development of energy sector and play a leading role in the implementation of country’s civil and infrastructure construction projects.

Importantly, we have established close cooperation with regional authorities, as well as international institutions to shape well-structured policies and regulations.

As a dynamically developing company, we are committed to conducting business according to international best practices, while strengthening our corporate governance policy.

We believe that the client is our best partner. It is our aim to respond promptly to client’s expectations with quality and assume responsibility for our products.

We aim to become one of the leading market players in fast-growing economy of Azerbaijan, while actively supporting social development of our people and our society.


Hafiz Mammadov

BAGHLAN GROUP Founder and Chairman