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  • Diversified local conglomerate with interests in oil and gas exploration and production, engineering, construction and transportation sectors in Azerbaijan.
  • Poised to continue strong growth path by capturing business opportunities in the region.
  • BAGHLAN GROUP is committed to international corporate governance standards:
    • Our companies are audited by KPMG, PWC, Ernst & Young and Deloitte.
    • We initiated the practice of appointment of independent directors at our companies.
  • Strong revenue growth over the last four years with continuously improving margins.
  • Long standing working relations with government-related entities (State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ministry of Transport and Azerbaijan Railways).
  • Strong oil logistics expertise in Azerbaijan established through many years of oil transportation by railways for major clients, including SOCAR.
  • Operates as oil and gas venture with Greenfields petroleum (USA) that owns 33% interests in BEL. BAGHLAN GROUP has recently acquired additional 33% of shares and increased its stake in BEL to 67% which gives Group control and simplifies decision making process at Bahar Energy Operating Company.
  • Currently involved in implementation of project on remediation of oil from mature SOCAR production sites in Azerbaijan.

BAGHLAN GROUP operates through the following main business segments:

    • Engineering and construction, BAGHLAN GROUP is one of the leading market players in this sector
    • Equipment procurement for partners in all business sectors
    • Transport: public transport and cargo transportation
    • Oil and gas: Bahar Energy Limited and Greenfields petroleum (USA) through PSA with SOCAR over off-shore oil and gas fields at the Caspian Sea and Project on remediation and recovering of oil from the Absheron Peninsula in the Buzovna area of Azerbaijan.


    • Business started in 2008 as a natural extension of services provided to the Ministry of Transport; 
    • Currently working on main infrastructure project Azerbaijan Concrete Highway;
    • Participation in a residential and commercial complex project through subsidiary Arcon LLC.

    Azerbaijan Concrete Highway

    • Involves the extension of a road connecting Baku to Russia to be completed by the end of 2013
    • Current length of the road is 132 km and the project will involve 20 km of extension on a new road and 56 km on existing road.

    Uzbekistan project

    • Construction of 700 m tunnel for a hydroelectric power station at the Tuploangsky water basin

    Arcon LLC-Land Plot of 0.5 ha in downtown Baku

    • Involves the construction of a 12-storied residential building on a plot of land measuring approximately 37000 sqm. Construction is currently underway and is expected to be completed by 2013.


    • BAGHLAN GROUP is active in procuring equipment and consumables for the oil & gas and transportation sectors in Azerbaijan.


    • Full cargo transportation services within CIS and internationally along Silk Way from Eastern Asia to Western Europe for a number of local and multinational clients.
    • BAGHLAN GROUP is a leading freight agent for national railway and offers full range of transportations services, including planning, scheduling, handling, tracing, loading, unloading and logistics management for a range of rail cars as well as customs clearance.
    • Demand for oil products transportation services is being driven by:
      • Growing oil production from the Caspian Sea region and Central Asia
      • Constrained capacity at the major export oil and gas pipelines in the region
    • The Division’s main client is SOCAR Oil Trading (SOT), a subsidiary of national oil company.
    • The business is characterized by high volumes and moderate growth prospects, providing stability to cash flows.
    • BAGHLAN GROUP contributes to the efficiency of public transport system through bus and taxi operator companies in Baku and in its suburbs. Group owns the country's largest taxi company, the sole operator of over 1000 traditional London black cabs, that introduced modern metered fare and navigation systems and importantly, high quality customer services. The Group's bus operator with the fleet of hundreds of buses is the largest in the segment and today meets over 20 % of all passenger demand for bus services within the city.


    • In 2011, BAGHLAN GROUP signed an agreement with SOCAR to remediate and recover oil from the Absheron Peninsula in the Buzovna area in Azerbaijan.
    • SOCAR has confirmed that product specifications meet its criteria to enter the SOCAR Pipeline System as Azeri heavy crude Oil.
    • Beyond its economic merits for BAGHLAN GROUP, this venture also generates value to the Group by associating it with a highly visible environment project that is strategic for the Government of Azerbaijan.

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