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Social responsibility

Recognizing the importance of social responsibility, and its leading role in the society, BAGHLAN GROUP invests predominantly in the development of sport and education of children and youths. We are encouraged by the fact that any investment we make in these areas contributes to social development of country’s population. Supporting the development of society and considering our growth as an essential part of this development, constitute our basic philosophy.

BAGHLAN GROUP attaches high importance to supporting sustainable and socially gainful projects with long-term benefits. We deem that using existing resources with utmost care reflects our respect for the world and the environment, for humanity and future generations, and for our nation.
BAGHLAN GROUP aims to deliver lasting value through sustainable approach in following areas:


As an integral part of Corporate Social Responsibility, BAGHLAN GROUP makes its best effort to support children, who suffered the most from occupation of Azeri territories by Armenian forces. We particularly involve them in various sport activities.
BAGHLAN GROUP is among sponsors of the National Women Volleyball team of Azerbaijan, known as one of the world’s strongest teams with numerous victories in the past few years. Besides, BAGHLAN GROUP supports Baku Football Club-the challenger for first places in the national championship and the first football club in Azerbaijan to sign contracts with foreign players from leading clubs of Brazil and Argentina. Baku Football Club plays in the Azerbaijan Premier League and has won two Azerbaijan Premier League championships in 2005 and 2008 and three Azerbaijan Cups in 2004/2005, 2009/2010, 2010/2011 and thus, became one of ambitious clubs within the country.

Land remediation

As a natural expansion of our oil and gas strategy, we have entered into agreement with SOCAR to remediate and recover oil from the Absheron Peninsula in the Buzovna area in the vicinity of capital Baku. This is a high priority project for the Government of Azerbaijan as the country’s President is committed to clean the Absheron peninsula, which was polluted as a result of large-scale oil production, started over 100 years ago. The ultimate objective of this remediation is to enable the land to be reclaimed for the agriculture or housing and to avoid all the health and safety hazards in the area. The project is implemented by reclaiming waste and dumped oil in the identified areas and then remediating the soil using biological techniques.